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The best way to travel in Ecuador?

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During my stay in Ecuador I would like to discover the country as much as possible. I was wondering, what is the best mean of transport in terms of price, safety, comfort? is the network of busses reliable? What about trains? Or can you also hitchhike in Ecuador?

Thanks for advice!


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  • Andre Hugo

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    Trains are limited and, though they make short, interesting tourist travel, they are not viable for extensive travel.

    Air is good if you want to leap from one major area to another and should be considered for that.

    If you want to see the country, you either have to rent a car, expensive and dangerous if you don't know where you are going and how Ecuadorians drive.

    That leave buses. Tourist offices in the various cities will guide you on where to take them. They are everywhere. The safety standard is not high; but it is only occasionally that one crashes. There is no other real choice.

    Your biggest issue is security from a much increased incidence of street crime - robbery. You are therefore encouraged to travel with others, the more the better. Travelling alone, especially for a woman, is not recommended; but, some do it.

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