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    Some good and bad. You've probably already heard most of the country runs on propane in 2 foot tall containers.somewhere around $30 buy /lease and $2 to get filled up. Lasts family of 3 about 1 1/2 months.For cooking and usually hot water. Some places have those sketchy electric hot water heater/showerhead with twisted bare 120 volt. Looks bad,never heard of anybody shocked ,though.Usually stoves,fridges,microwaves don't come with rental. You can shop around or do it yourself "anna-white" style.Our house is in a rural setting $200 per month,$25 elect.$10 or less water.5 bedroom 4 bath.No furniture included. Phone /internet is $25 in some places. If you look like a tourist,some people will raise the prices.A lot of good and respectful people. In the Andes, the coast is a little different and more liberal.
    Take a look at Int.Living and believe about 3/4 of it. Food is cheap, medical is also. If you want residency pick up a good lawyer soon after getting in the country.The real estate visa is o.k. but if you sell you have to go back to tourist.Like all things developing country,remember not to put all your eggs in one basket if you can help it. The daily wage here is like $10 and it's 7 till 6 .

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