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emigrate to Egypt ?

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I am an invalidity pensioner in Germany and I plan to emigrate to Egypt in the future. Alexandria is my favourite town.
I want to get some informations about Egypt.
Living costs (my pension is small, round about 450 € / month) and from my wife the pension will be between 800 and 900 € / month.
Is that enough to live in Egypt maybe in Alexandria?
I like to have sea-view in a small flat (3 rooms) to rent.
Later owner-occupied flat.
Is it possible to buy a used cheap car in Egypt ?
Is the medical situation okay ? Or must I pay extra if I go to the doctors ?
Is there a care for older people like in Germany ?
What about the language ? Is Egypt-Arabict difficulty to learn ?
And the mentality of the Egyptian people ?
Most friendly and relaxedly ?

O man - many questions - who can help ????

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  • Scorpione 24r

    posted by  in Egypt forum 

    pleasure to talk to you,,,,i am italian live in Germany and original Aegenten
    not expensive live in egypt, but u must be attention , becuase 90% of people are frauders and leir,
    dont trust easy, becuase any price they give will be the real price becuase u are forigner, about public medical service try it if you like to die!!!!! many are inpolite you will find them every where!!!!!!
    at any public service stay away better, 90% of who work in publich offices are corrupts!!!! any where no body respect the laws!!!! any where if you pay there is no laws!!!!! if you dont believ me ,,,, try by your self!

  • Mohamed hashim

    posted by  in Egypt forum 

    I hope you already in Alexandria now, if so you are welcome is not you are welcome also :)

    i am Egyptian Guy from Alexandria, i like helping expat people in Egypt, so please if u have any defficulties don't histate contact me,

    one more thing, i am very intersting to learn other languges, specialy Germany , if you could help me through i could learn you arabic .

  • Go to mette amr's profile

    posted by  in Egypt forum 

    i moved to egypt 2 years ago, and i think you can live quite well here for 900 euro.. food is cheap, flat is also not expensive to rent. if you find the right one, some will take advance of your forign.
    used cars is not cheap compare to germany.. and also compare to denmark where i orginallyy are from.
    medical situation.. you must have ensurense.. goverment hospitals are not good at all.. but also.. its not expensive to go to doctor or dentist here.

    here is absolutely no care for older people here. its a matter for the famely.. example kids take care of parents.. so in that case it can be hard for you and y our wife.. to live here as older. if you need any help.

    i will say.. its very difficult to learn egypt arabic.. i still dont understand or speak it good.. and i have been here for 2 years now..

    the people here are so very friendly.. always ready to help with any.. so sweet and nice people..

    ask if i can help in any..

    regards mette amr

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