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Wanted to relocate

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I am wanting to relocate to El Salvador and would like to know about the area. Do's and don'ts, best way to handle living abroad. If you live there or have lived there please contact me.

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    I am salvadorean, my english is not good but I could help you. I am Living in the occident of the country but if you want to live in the Capital San Salvador, my sisters work there, they are secretary and nurse.
    Will you work?
    Do you speak spanish?
    If you speak spanish, is easy you can find work, in El Salvador, there are a lot of school teaching english and they could give you work.
    If you want I can help you, I know San Salvador and Sonsonate for example, It is an one hour of San Salvador and the houses rent costs $100.00 more or less in month.
    Write me : [...]

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    Best tell me whether you plan living "upscale" in the western suburbs of San Salvador, or renting in a middle/working class area, at any rate avoid the local relocation company for foreigners, as they'll double rents. If planning on volunteering or working for a non profit etc. in a smaller city or countryside, far less expensive than San Salvador, basic Spanish or above pretty much essential, have more information but now no time to post. Send me an e mail so I can foward my Information Bloq on relocation. Tips and Tricks.

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