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Business opportunity for women accessories sellers

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Easy Business Europe, a promotion and marketing company, is now giving an opportunity to entrepreneurs to sell their products in the right place, to the right people.

We are currently renting shelf space in a store in a mall for a low cost, giving a chance for entrepreneurs who can't afford to run their own store, who sell online, at the markets etc. The store sells accessories for teenagers and young women.

We believe that some entrepreneurs have great products which would add up to a bigger and greater selection in some small stores.

Our offer is simple and effective:

All what you have to do is to rent your shelf, work four and half hours/week in the store or if you don't have time, you can pay an small amount for a seller to replace you, that's it.

Paying a small monthly fee, you will get all what it takes to take your sales to the next level: A space in a mall, sellers that are going to be there everyday, except on your four and half hour work shift, a manager, your products in the online store, marketing, advertisements and everything else.

If you are interested,contact us asap in the e-mail: [...], as we have only few shelves left!

Welcome to Business!

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