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Creative Construction Innovation

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The construction industry is not widely perceived as offering an environment that nurtures creativity, and yet many reviews have not only shown that there is a huge volume, and quality, of ideas within the industry but also that innovation is regarded by many as crucial to the future of the industry.

Construction is a unique environment and by definition is a creative industry. No single project is the same as another and that diversity breeds innovation and innovative problem solving at the practical.

Since construction projects usually have budgets ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions and sometimes, even billions, it does not automatically reflect how much the industry spends on employing innovative practices and processes that occur on site in the form of logistics, health and safety, training and development, people management or planning. This can be clearly seen on exemplar projects, like the world’s tallest buildings, longest span bridges and the like.

Same can be said on machines that are used in construction projects. Innovation is constant that people have missed out the details and the artistry that are involved in planning, drawing and executing these cost-efficient, eco-friendly and special machines. Our clients may sometimes be surprised upon learning that Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents capital construction equipment in Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia as well as to other parts of Asia employs artistic creators and artistic engineers to identify the integration of arts and practicality in the machines we sell and rent from large.

According to reviews, sustainability has been one of the top agenda in innovation in construction. The beauty and intrinsic details inside every machine and equipment should correspond to its use and its impact to any norms and essence.

Another concern on construction industry is the heart of the people who works in this field; if the morals and principle are also prevalent despite the industrialization that the companies aim for each and every day. With warning on the involvement of the industry in the changing global warming of the world, the industry has no good impression to environmentalists. What people do not know is that some 48.25% of construction people voiced ‘green’ ideas that ranged from carbon neutral construction materials, renewable energy systems, energy efficient heating systems through to solar powered plant machinery and better waste management products. With 60.6% of respondents stating that ‘green’ issues currently require the most redesigning and innovation, it is clear from this survey that there is a deep concern for environmental issues from within the construction industry.

The link between creativity and reality is an area that the construction industry believes could be improved and not just through grants and awards. The Institute would recommend that greater advice and information on turning ideas into practical solutions should be made more frequently available. The industry would call for the citizens to encourage and support new ideas and place a higher focus on innovation than is currently expressed.

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