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Finnish Students Studying in Canada !!! Welcome to Canada !!

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Hei,Turkulaiset Oppilaat ja Vanhemmat.

Hi,Students and Parents in Turku area.

Many Finnish Students wish to learn fluent English and would
love to spend a summer or whole school year in Canada.

Whatever your plans,do not hesitate to contact us,we can
help you find right schools/programs for you.

Short term;holiday/visit or long term ??
We can help you.

We offer Homestay in Canadian Families and
Guardianship for students under 19 yrs old.
Best way to learn English is to hear it and speak it daily.
Living with a Canadian family is ideal for that purpose.

We speak English and Finnish and it helps in terms of
communicating with the parents,in case there are any
concerns.We will keep in touch with parents in Finland
throughout the time,the student is in Canada.If there are
any concerns with education,behaviour ,health etc.we
will contact the Parents instantly.

We are on the Facebook and it is easy to contact us.

Opiskelijat Kanadaan ? Perhemajoitus Kanadalaisissa
perheissa.Me autamme Oppilasta loytaa hyvan koulun
ja perheen missa he voi asua.Paras tapa oppia kielta on
kuulla ja puhua sita paivittain.Perhemajoitus on hyva
vastaus tahan asiaan.

Puhumme kumpaakin kielta,joten se auttaa...jos vanhemmilla
on kysymyksia.

Kanada Terveisin.
Marja K.

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