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Driving license in France

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As I already wrote in another post, I'm moving to France with my family.
I now wonder if my driving license would still be valid in France and how long for?
Or do I have to renew it? In this case I would need a driving course in English as my French isn't that good!
Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

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  • Manuela da Silva

    French drivers license

    posted by  Manuela da Silva in France forum 

    According to the French government, this is what you need to get a French Driver's License:

    1. Passport + copy
    2. Residence permit + copy
    3. Current driver's license + copy
    4. Certified translation of current driver's license
    5. Letter from home country stating the date that original license was obtained
    6. Translation of above letter
    7. Copy of utility bill proving residency (no, an original is not acceptable)
    8. One pre-addressed A5 envelope with 3,34 euro postage
    9. One application form
    10. One whole morning to spend at the prefecture

  • French driving license

    posted by Deleted user in France forum 

    Thanks for your replies!
    Getting a French driving license seems like quite a big thing to me now...Maybe I'll better take the bus at the beginning ;)

  • French driving license

    posted by Deleted user in France forum 

    Hi Camille!
    Yes, sounds quite complicated, but I'm sure you want to get your license if you gonna stay for a longer time in France. Additionally, in some cities the public transport service is just kind of bad!
    Good luck for it!

    Charlotte =)

  • Indra Appa

    Looking for friends

    posted by  Indra Appa in France forum 

    Hi Charlotti,

    I'm living in Valenciennes near to Lille.
    Looking for friends . Pls contact me at 0673545313 or mail me

  • French public transport

    posted by Deleted user in France forum 

    I hope we'll settle down somewhere with a decent bus connection ;)
    And of course I'll get my driving license, but first I have to get together those countless papers! ;)

    Have a nice day Charlotte!

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    french liscence language

    posted by  zeni fatima in France forum 

    hi. i want to know that is there an option for English language for French Driving Liscence??

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