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Good french DSL providers

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I need a DSL provider (at least 1Mbit/sec). Any recommendations?

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    I also need a DLS. You give a good advice to us. Kodi Krypton is used to watch any type of videos and I also see the video of DSL only then I decided to take the services.

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    Hi Frank, I found this information, maybe it helps:

    France is leader in Europe in term of ADSL Broadband access. This position has been reached by the high competition that happened a few years ago with France Telecom droping its monopole and the company Free offering cheap fast broadband with additional services (TV and phone). In big cities (Paris, Lyon,...) they have ungrouped (dégroupage) the telephone line leading to faster connections. At the end of 2004 they were offering 15 Mbps at the same price as their modem connection with 56 kbps a few years ago.
    ADSL uses your existing telephone line for your Broadband connection. In addition to the modem (or a specific box when you want the use of TV as well) that is provided you will have filters (MicroFilter for Phonesockets) to put on your telephone socket to allow both use of the telephone and the broadband at the same time.
    With an average of 15 EUR/month, you will find a lot of Broadband Providers (FAI) in France:
    # Free: leader of innovation in ADSL and trying to stay ahead of its competitors, Free offers up to 15 Mbps for 29.99 EUR/month in some areas. In addition you have access to 100 TV channels with the Free box and free illimited phone calls.
    # Wanadoo: It's the offer from France Telecom. 1Mbps is 29.90 EUR/month for a 12 month contract. In order to compete with Free they offer a Livebox service similar to the Freebox.
    # ClubInternet: subscription 512K + telephone illimited 34.90EUR/month. 8Mbps is 24.90/month
    # 9Telecom: 2048K at 29.90 EUR/month (+ illimited national and local phone calls)
    # Cegetel: from 128k to 6 Mbps.
    # AOL: 1024k for 16.90 EUR/month or 5Mbps for 22.90EUR/month.

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