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Health care in france

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Hi All,
We are hoping to live in France for 6 months starting spring 2017.
Neither my wife nor myself will be working and live off my pension.
Both Brits.
Im looking to get some clarity on the health care system in terms of whether I need insurance etc.
I have arthritis and diabetes which im taking prescription drugs for so i also have that hurdle to jump.

any information would be gratefully received


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    If you're only coming for 6 months and not as a permanent move you'll need a European Health Insurance Card (used to be E111 - may still be) - and the UK will cover your costs - there's an online application form for this. It only covers temporary stays though. If you want to stay beyond the scope of the card you'll need to get an S1 and apply for a carte vitale and you will need top up insurance though long term conditions are generally 100% on the carte vitale but that doesn't mean you won't have to pay at all's complicated

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