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In the process of buying property in France...

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Hello, new to this but hoping to make contact, friends and gain information on moving/living in France. I’m a Canadian/American in the initial process of buying a place outside of Aubusson, France. Trying to negotiate all the ins and outs of this process. I work half the year in a job that involves traveling around the world building stages for large events, primarily music. I hope is to have a place in France to spend the other months, usually winter/early spring, renovating and modernizing an old country home. I have found property and am in process of buying. Likely will take possession of property this summer with the idea of spending next winter there. My questions to anyone out there is ...
Buying a car in France as an American? (Lots of info for anyone from UK but of little use) As I will only be there for few months each year, ( eventually hope to retire there) how difficult is it to #1 buy a car, #2 get insurance,#3 Drivers license,
#4 open bank account, etc; etc: Anyway... hello to community! Any ideas and pointers would help! Thanks! Gilles

  • Bryan Schell

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    Hey Gilles, i saw your post. I would suggest joining some groups on Facebook like expats in France, expats in Paris, etc. There are quite a few. I help people buy real estate and start new business locations, and I'm located in Paris. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions for help on moving here. [...]

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