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Looking for French App Testers/ urgently!!!

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Hi there guys, this isn't a job...i see it as a fun exercise where you get to participate in some small app test exercise and reviews...get incentives on the same...

The story goes like this, my friend Andre and myself have been working tirelessly on some mobile apps and we decided we need to take them on a test drive and see how they work out for people, do people like them or not?! we need people to test them out and give us reviews on the same...and in the process we incentivize you properly :)
We've decided to start with France...then head on from there...

If you got an iOS/Android device and are interested, kindly give us a shout, we'd love you on board...

Contact: geez...the contact info is not visible but oh, well, let me try again {[...] & [...]}

P.S...The more, the merrier :)

Kind Regards.

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