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My name is Radko Shopov, Bulgarian, currently living in London. Now is time to make further steps therefore I am moving to Paris from 1st of February 2016.
As I said I have been living in London for 5,5 years. London is a great city with a lot of opportunities for work and entertainment. However, I have decided to move to Paris to find out what the life in France is. I was driven to take this decision by my old dream – to learn French language and culture and to get a real taste of what makes France so enticing.
But what concerns me? I have read that unemployment number in France is relatively high especially among young people. I am 50 years old intelligent and well educated man, however, this did not help me a lot so far in the UK. I am linguist (I speak in different levels four languages: Bulgarian as a mother tongue, English, Russian and Italian, graduated in Bulgarian philology and PhD in Aesthetics taken in Moscow).
My job in London was and still is in area of marketing as a promoter selling night clubs, stand-up comedy clubs, handing out flyers, giving away brochures, booklets and papers. In this area I gained huge experience. Honestly, I have no any clue what to search, where to apply because I do not know French job market at all.
Well I assume that not speaking French doesn't give me a lot of advantages, however, my ability to learn language is strong enough.
Can you tell me what to expect while I am in search of a job in Paris?
Do you know any companies which are prone to hire people like me – not quite young and non French speaker?
I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

  • Radko Shopov

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    Dear Keezhia
    Thank you very much for your replay. Unfortunately I am still in London. I wasn't brave enough to jump into unknown space without any safety and some personal stuff keep me in the UK for now. Having said that I didn't give up of moving to Paris. It will come about in summer or autumn 2016. As I said before I want to settle down in Paris.
    Your proposal sounds very interesting. I would send immediately my CV but your email address is hidden. I suppose the rules of this site don't allow to post one's mails address.
    I leave you my phone number 00447827621195. I use Viber and Wahtsapp.
    Thank you

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    Hello Radko,

    Your post is very interesting. If you're interested in working in Paris please send me your CV. I'm working for a car company and our company is looking for bilingual people to recruit. If you're interested, send me an email at [...] with your updated CV stating the languages that you speak. I will then pass this to our HR.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

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