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    Advice on moving to France please

    posted by  Ev Mercer in France forum 

    I am new to Just Landed.

    I am hoping to move to Lille in the next few months(as soon as possible) to live with my partner.

    Would like to know what are the main things that I need to do to get residency in France? As I live in an EU country I am assuming that it should not be too difficult or am I being very niaive?
    I will be supported financially, the main thing for me to do is learn the language, which I am finding very difficult. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks! :O) Any advice?
    I would also like to take my cat with me. I understand that she will need a pet passport which will involve getting specific injections, health checks, chipped etc but what is the easiest and least stressful method of transporting her?
    I would appreciate ANY advice that anyone can give me...so in advance...Merci


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