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    Hi new arrivals

    posted by  Jane Humm in France forum 

    Hi there, I am an old lady, married to an old man and living in a very old house needing loads of work in a very old village. We have been here for three years, what do I dislike? Snails, the strange local language, not being able to see my grandchildren every day....what do I like? People smiling at me, sava, lots of kissing, the family coming first and teenagers singing and whistling in the street and saying hi.

    Well how lucky are we our daughter and her husband and two little girls have come to enjoy our adventure, but my daughter is lonely we all have very little French and the young Mums are too shy to speak their limited English and my girl is very shy. Also our little 4 year old although at school with her 3 year old sister is suffering from not having an
    English speaking freind to chat to, she is such a chatterbox and she feels really isolated. Are there any little folk in Creuse who would like to get together with other little folk and their parents????? It would be great to see my two girls laughing and smiling at their life here in Creuse.

    Thanks for the Forum

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