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What are the differences between Eu Nationality, Citizenship and Residency?

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Hi all,

Would anyone please explain the differences between EU Nationality and Citizenship?

I understand that residency requires bona fide residency, determined by the Social Security Institution of the EU country, hinging on many factors such as: duration and type of stay, main activities (clubs, emploiyment, studies) etc.

What I hope to clarify is whether EU nationality is the same as EU citizenship (e.g. I believe I am a French citizen as I have a French passport, due to my father being born and raised in France, however I have spent most of my life living in Australia.)

The alternative would supposedly be that EU citizenship requires EU residency, which I presume I would not have, nor could I attain within one year of studying in the EU. Perhaps Citizenship also requires a social security number; maybe this requires an application with proof of residency etc.?

So: Are EU citizenship and nationality the same?


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    There is no european nationality. You have your own nationality (french, italian, etc), and based on this nationality you can traval or work or live in any of european countries. There are some agreements with some countries, not member of the eu area, such as Switzerland.

    If yoy are French already, there is no problem for yoy to enter any of these countries.

    This reply is much simplified, but it is applicable in most of european countries.

    I hope this helps

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