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    Feelings about France

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    It's very difficult for an American to really warm up to France or to live in France. Americans do not stand in "lines" like robots or walk into people as the French do. We are not afraid of talking to strangers or being spontaneous. We basically feel excluded as we have nothing in common with the French sourpusses who really are a colony of the USA. Sarko wishes he was born American,so he has spent all of his time as President making France more American, thereby dismantling French culture.

    The things I do like about France are their Medical System, Public Transportation, Tele-Internet Communications, and the general polite and helpful attitudes of the common people when you request their help.

    The food markets in Paris are all overpriced and even more so depending on which market you attend. So much for "solidarity". All the fish, for example, is brought in frozen from abroad, so nothing is ever "fresh", and most of the food is processed with fluoridated salt. The average meal is really a hamburger with french fries in France just like in the USA.

    My feelings about France has nothing to do with the French language versus speaking English. Few speak French worldwide, so this just makes the French less competitive since they refuse to learn English. Globalization is about American capitalism,and the French are on their last leg of socialism, except of course, all the debts created by the banksters will be socialized and dumped onto the plates of the taxpayer.

    Knowing France means knowing of your war like history, your discriminatory attitudes towards anyone who is "different", your lack of trust or ability to love deeply with only "contracts" giving you the certainty you carve, your collaboration with the Nazi's, your stifling educational system, and your lack of economic freedom to give your property to anyone upon death that you choose.
    The French state is God & King conveniently rolled into one. Religion is frowned upon, 40% of the children are born out of wedlock, and only 50 marriages occur for every 10,000 citizens. There is no love in the City of Lights, only contracts!

    The total lack of Customer Service and the forced paying for services that were rotten requires Internationalist to spend most of their money outside of France every chance they get.

    Besides food and medical care, I personally buy nothing in overpriced France. Instead I just phone the USA and order, charge and send. It's a perfect solution to long hours in the Paris metro going to crapy stores. The same products in the USA will cost less than half as much. There, if you don't like something, it can easily be returned with a smile from the sales clerk and your money given back.

    The euro is doomed, and the French will all be piled into a holding pen with all the other Europeans and made to pay for all the debts of those they never knew. They will do as their bosses and owners require, as they all are still following "the rules".

    We know the French are all walking down "Route 41" to get those pensions for 41 long, boring years under a hierarchical, civilian military regime. They love no one except "the rules". All are married only to France. There is no romance or real love in the country.
    There isn't even any fun!

    We are used to economic freedom, love, marriage, and fun!
    France placed 64th in the Index of Economic Freedom
    http://www.heritage.org/Index/Ranking. Everyone is so serious that no one can have any fun here.

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