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    French people

    posted by  Edith Piaf in France forum 

    As a french girl living in a foreign country, I wanted to give you my point of view about the french average.
    Where I live (Hanoi, Vietnam), my french friends and I really enjoy to have cultural and linguistic interactions in english with everyone we meet. I heard a lot of people saying that french people gives you some interest only at the moment you try to speak their language. At first I didn't understand why they would think that way about the french, even if everybody likes to hear foreigners trying to speak your language. But I must admit that when I come back in Paris, I realize everytime that french people are not that warm as I thought, and I do agree with what Dewi wrote, at least, they could try to be nicer even if they can't speak english. I've never saw them as tyrannic and rough in France as they are in Asia though, speaking without any respect with the natives when they do not get what they're saying. So if you don't like that much french people in France, stay calm, some of them are worse elsewhere in the world :D

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