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    I had a to tall blast reading your add lol

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    I totally get the fact that if you do not speak french correctly they are like hello what!

    but that is not really what bode rs me, the thing I have notice int he 6 months I have lived here, is that; even if they talk about equality, I really don't think they know what is the meaning of this word: the belief that all people ought to be treated equally! is like, they like to talk about Equality, but really have no clue on what that really means...

    I don't know, I have lived in USA, Istanbul, Greece, Ecuador, Spain, Peru etc... and I think I have a pretty world wide view of what is a (hard life) in some of what are called " thered world country's " and even there, people SMILEY and try to look at the positive things in life in every day, they have Hope that keeps them going, here I feel people are very (pampered) by the government, by health insurance etc... but still, they MUST they have to find something negative to look forward to talk about or feel, and you can see this in there faces, makes me really confused.

    I have meet some French people who have travel around to 3rd W Country's and of curse they have a different point of view of life, but they are rear people to run in to.

    Anyways about the cheese that was hilarious... and yea the food is not really do it for me also! I wish french people will one day ( not generalizing pls ) will look for the positive and not the glum my and dark side of life :)

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