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    I still have hope....:)

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    Just joined this site and thought I might put my 2 cents here...
    I have been to many countries which english is not the first language, and I even lived in one before ( Zurich ). But I must admit that I do have more " challenge " with people in French...With my experience living in Paris for 8 months, I probably have met not enough people to conclude on something. But yes, I am afraid I will have to go with Julia...These French may not speaking English very well and they have every right to keep speaking in their language, its their country, anyway..:) But what's the worst turn off is that even their body language were not so "friendly" to people who don't speak the language..But I am sure, there are more people out there who are welcoming and friendly and warm and patient to listen to my broken French....!! I am hoping when I 'm back in Paris in 7 weeks time, I am going to meet these people and thus shaping up my French so French people do not need to show me their 'obnoxious' body language anymore :) ! Peace !! :)

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