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    What I hate most about the French

    posted by  Parisian Thinker in France forum 

    There is no freedom in France. Everything is decided by the top of the hierarchy, and done to make sure they profit at everyone else's expense.

    Mostly, I hate that there is no customer service in France.
    They do nothing that is not profitable to themselves, no matter how terrible the service. If they show up, even if they don't do anything, they want to be paid.
    I also don't like it when a service or product is defective, and they won't take it back and give you credit.

    One day I went into Nicholas wine store to buy 2 cases of wine for a party that evening.
    They took my credit card and charged it, and then went into the back to get the wine.
    They said they didn't have the wine, and that it would be here in 2 weeks.
    I asked for my money back. They said no. I said if you don't, you don 't want to know what I will do. Only then, did they credit my credit card.

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