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    That's very interesting to read yo all.
    I am french myself living abroad.

    I think that french aren't less welcoming than the other nationalities except maybe in Paris during the rush times.

    People doesn't expect you to speak perfect language but dont't use the words "Hello", "Sorry" and "thank you" in english.

    I have heard too many times british starting to ask something by Hello ... which sounds rude and snotty and I personally don't want to answer when I hear that.
    I don't generalise but once I saw some englsih guys in Spain talking to a old guy in a shop like a dog cause he didn't speak english.

    When I go abroad I make (the litlle) effort to learn a few words to avoid to speak only in english and I never had any problems.

    Make the effort to learn "Bonjour", "Merci" et "Au revoir" to show you care a bit about the culture and you are not only there for the sun and the hotell and I am sure you will get back next time.

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