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hello! I want to know if anyone could recommend a good French music because I don't know and I would love it:)
I had the pleasure of knowing something about music in German and I loved it. I hope the same will happen with that of France..
Bisous à tous

  • eddie ramírez m.

    salutttt angeles.

    posted by  eddie ramírez m. in France forum 

    hello Angeles... well... I listen some music because I love french very much. I like to hear ballads in french, so... i can give you one of a very good singer in france for me. her name is natasha st-pier, she is a very romantic singer. also... patricia kaas, pascal obispo, lara fabian, florent pagny, frederic françois, and some old ones, francis cabrel, charles aznavour and joe dassin. well... i hope you enjoy them, take care, kisses. eddie.

  • Angeles Vega Roldan

    hi eddie!

    posted by  Angeles Vega Roldan in France forum 

    Well thank you very much for your information.. Sorry if I have not answered before it was busy with the school and other studies.. I listened to Patricia Kaas before and I think a wonderful woman besides being beautiful.. I think for my taste "Mon Mec a Moi" is a very good song..
    Well thanks for your advice and now listen to the others I've recommended.. kisses! Anshi

  • sandra kassalasandra


    posted by  sandra kassalasandra in France forum 

    ¿Cómo estás? espero muy bien y lo mejor de la salud. Mi nombre es Miss Sandra., Me gustaría que me tengo respuesta para una cosa importante para debatir con usted. Tan pronto como he oído de ti, te enviaré mi fotografía y le permiten saber más sobre mí. Espero oír de usted pronto.
    Cuidado de la señorita Sandra.

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    How are you? hope fine and in best of health. My name is Miss Sandra.,i will like you to reply me for i have an important thing to discus with you. As soon as i hear from you, i will send you my picture and also let you know more about me. I look forward to hear from you soon.
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