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Going to New Caledonia

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Hi Everyone,

I'm just wondering if anybody has been in New Caledonia. I'm looking for any informations about the country,people there, job, flat or hostel, ... whatever.

Thank you!


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    Hola Elena,
    soy frances pero vivo en españa desde 3 años ahora. Yo y mi novia estamos mirando para ir a vivir una tamporada, o más según como van las cosas, por nueva caledonia. Ella es española. Por favor, me podrías decir como va el tema de los papeles para ella, y de encontrar trabajo, es dificil para nosotros de europa? Bueno, todo lo que nos puedes decir nos irá bien... Estás viviendo allà aún?


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    Hi Krisztina!
    I'm from Spain but I'm living right now in Australia but in two weeks I move on New Caledonia!
    Are you there?
    I would like to know if you have any problem for have a job, because I think for european people it's a little complicated...
    We have already a place to stay but I would like to stay for 3 months until christmas time and I need to look for a job.

    Do you know how it is? Thank youuuuuu so much

  • Krisztina Balla

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    Hi Dalia,
    Thanks for your letter, there are not too many people answering me, it seems that Caledonia is not a very famous destination. So it was a great pleasure reading your lines.
    My plan is to travel to Caledonia about October checking the atmosphere of life there, than maybe I try to live there if it seems a good choice for me. So first of all I try to get as many information as I can about the island.

    You mentioned the price of hotels and food are expensive. I think there can be cheaper opportunities also. What do you think? Are there supermarkets to do daily shopping?
    Is the French language necessary, or they understand English as well?
    Can I get a job with my English, what do you think? I heard that there are a huge work on protecting the environment, it can be a good starter point for a job, or I don't know...
    Do caledonian people accept Europeans?

    Now, okay, I try to finish asking you any more in this letter! :)
    Take care, Kriszta

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    Hello, Krisztina, if my answer is not toooooo late: my husband was already there for a rather short business stay but we both will come there from January the next year and will stay for about 9 months. On that island will start huge (international) works for getting out a nickel (metal), so... a Life just will begin (or shall I write "will end") for that silent peaceful place. The prices for hotels and food are little higher than in Paris... I was said that local people are friendly. What else?..

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