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English community in Caen?

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Hi everybody,
My boyfriend and i are moving to caen in january and i was wondering if there is a kind of english community, or if some of you meet sometimes? because my boyfriend doesn t speak french yest and i thought it might be nice for him to speak his language with different people (and for me as well so i keep learning english and won t lose what i already know :-) )
Thanks for your answers!

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    i'm french as well and i use to live in caen before i left to go to Malta (where i met my boyfriend) and we'll be living there soon i hope. At the moment we are staying next to Lisieux waiting to find a flat around Caen in the next fews days or weeks.
    But i'll be happy to stay in touch and meet you when we'll be in Caen!

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    I'm not so sure about an english community, but I'm a french woman married with an english man and we've been living in Caen for 3 years now. We'll be glad to show you around if you want to...

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