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A real estate agent changed a signed Übergabeprotokoll

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I left an apartment before the 1 year period. For this I hired a real estate agent through which I got the apartment because I thought I have to deal with the agent again.

Last week we did the key hand over and signed the Übergabeprotokoll. This week he agreed without me knowing with the new tenant on changes to the document with additional damages, and simply informed me about it when sending it to the landlord.

The changes are not hidden, so it's not a forgery, but it's still an alternation of a signed document which in my opinion constitutes an attempt for a fraud, and it's simply invalid.

It's not the first time that he acted against my interest. Before he conveniently forgot a verbal agreement for the requirements on the new tenant (should buy all my furniture).

How should I proceed legally? Can I terminate a contract with him based on this breach of trust?

We do not even have a complete contract with him in my opinion. He sent me a contract without fields like dates filled in, it doesn't contain the amount of fee mentioned at all, and it's lacking his signature. I sent him back the same document by e-mail with a scan of my signature. He does not have an actual my signature on paper, but he has this coming from my e-mail.

Last week he asked me to pay him in cash during the handover which I refused. Later he sent me a bill with a deadline of 7 days. Now he's bothering me every day asking me to pay ASAP.

I left Germany so I think he decided to take advantage of that, but he doesn't know that I can come back any time.

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