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Christian Gasper - German (Deutsch) Scammer Rips Off Usd $250 000!

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Deutschland Scammer Christian Gasper (UK Scam alias Allen Martin) has scammed over USD $250 000 from more than 100 people (worldwide)! Each victim was scammed in the region of USD $997 - USD $4997! I was one of his victims. The average amount scammed per person is calculated to be USD $2500! .By checking his domains, we found out that he is currently staying in Wiesbaden, Hesse (Hessen), Germany (Deutschland).

LIVE VIDEO PROOF of his Internet Scam can be found at

Christian Gasper used an English name "Allen Martin" for his first scam and became notorious for “Allen Martin Scam”. The total amount scammed for “Allen Martin Scam” is estimated to be more than USD $250 000!

Thereafter, he has used the following aliases for other similar online scams:
- Allan Martin (used twice)
- John Malcolm
- Johnny West
- Christian Gasper
- Mark Newman

1st Update - 15th May 2017
2nd Update – 7th September 2017

From July 2016 to August 2017, Chris has been involved in a total of 6 Internet Scams, most of which were his Done For You (DFY) Business and Coaching Scams.

I would like to take this opportunity to expose him and prevent more people from being scammed from the same Internet Fraud.

His face:


If you are interested to know more about how Christian Gasper scammed us, you can read the full story at:



1st Scam (July 2016 - September 2016)

Christian used a fake name "Allen Martin" and claimed to have a company called "Allen Martin Consulting Marketing" registered in Greenwich High Rd 21, Greenwich, London 06831, United Kingdom. It was only after his "Allen Martin Scam" was reported at ripoff website did I know his real name was Christian Gasper.

Some of his victims used to check on his domains and got his private info before Christian bought domain privacy to hide his information.

Christian had 3 different addresses registered in Hesse: Mainz, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Lahnstrasse 18, Wiesbaden, 65195 is his most current address. His associated phone is +49.17630681991.

In a nutshell, Christian had a website (scammer has deleted website) used for getting people to sign up for his free Internet Marketing Courses. Once signed up, he began sending emails everyday, promoting his business. He claimed to setup an online business making $100/day, $200/day, $600/day and $1000/day for his clients within 6-8 weeks. The more money you pay him, the more money you will make. He charged $997-$4997 depending on which business model the client wanted.

Christian Gasper Deutschland had built up a reputation for himself using the name "Allen Martin" in Internet Marketing for the past 2 years and had released some make money online products with credible reviews. He also mentioned he was charging at a low price for such a profitable business as he needed some testimonials. The next time, he would charge $9997 and above for his services. To make you feel secure, he gave a faked "triple money back guarantee" should the business fail.

As such, many of us fell for the "Allen Martin Scam". Christian gave all sorts of excuses to delay his service and eventually deleted most of his websites, social media profiles ( - deleted) and email support at iamallenmartin dot com (deleted) associated with the scam. He stopped posting at a make money online forum called Warriorforum from his Allen Martin account (

In due time, some of us who got scammed reported him to ripoff site and the website was established to expose his internet fraud.

With little bits of info from everyone who got scammed, we came to know that Christian Gasper deceived Paypal and our credit card company by providing faked evidence of sending a "make money online physical item" to our addresses. That is why most of us failed with our disputes and chargebacks.

Most of us who got scammed have reported Christian Gasper's Email Marketing Scam to the FBI, FTC and UK police (as scammer provided a UK address).

We have also reappealed our disputes and chargebacks with reference to and ripoff website so hopefully we would all get our money back.

Online Complaints of his 1st internet scam: (Read comments)

2nd Scam (December 2016)

Christian Gasper started a new round of scam in December 2016. He pretended to be "Allan Martin" living in New Port Richey, US. Those of us who got scammed earlier on received exactly the same 20-30 promotional emails from "Allan Martin" so we know Christian Gasper is at it again! "Allan" strongly promoted his make money online products that cost a few hundred bucks.

His websites:


3rd Scam (March 2017-April 2017)

In March-April 2017, we started receiving make money online spammy emails from "John Malcolm" from (deleted). Well, we know it is really Scammer Christian Gasper again behind the scene who wrties the same list building content and CPA stuffs and emails the same email subscribers again and again.

We google "" and found a person called "Johnny West" promoting at the Warrior Forum. It is quite clear that Johnny West and John Malcolm are faked aliases used by Christian for his 3rd scam.

His websites and profiles: (deleted) (John Malcolm's account)
"John Malcolm" has a new phone number in March 2017 for his new scam - 0049683173851.

Again, Christian copied and pasted other people's photos on his coaching website with faked reviews like "Jon make $30 000 within 2 months of taking my coaching" (see website). He used his Johnny West Warrior Forum account to try to get victims to his website (deleted) and where he will sell his Done For You DFY Business Scam and Coaching again!

He is now trying to scam big - USD $5000 and $8000 per person by guaranteeing $20 000 for a Done For You (DFY) Business with 30 days Again! Payment is by bank wire to his Payoneer Account only:

Account holder: Christian Gasper
Account Number: 0633404
IBAN: DE58550700240063340400
Address: Lahnstrasse 18, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany

He will give an excuse "Payment to my business partner Christian Gasper" and once you bank wire the money, he will be gone!

Christian Gasper Deutschland Scammer got exposed on ripoffreport site for his latest scam:



4th Scam (April 2017)

In April 2017, Christian Gasper sent an email to his subscribers, revealing that he is "Christian Gasper" and "Allen Martin is my pen name". He claimed that he would be honest from now on and pleaded us to give him a 2nd chance. Well, do you think you deserve a 2nd chance after scamming a few thousand dollars from each of us?

Christian did not say a single word about his previous internet marketing scams. He thought he could get away with it easily.

He sent up a new website and facebook profiles but as expected, all of them got deleted after a short time due to numerous complains from previous victims of his scams: (deleted) (deleted) (deleted) (deleted)

5th Scam (May 2017)

Christian Gasper goes back to being "Allan Martin" again! He sent emails to us using the same name "Allan Martin" that he used for his 2nd scam. The email address he used is allan at . Sooner or later, we expect him to psycho us into buying his salesfunnelanatomy products or Done For You DFY Business products which are all scams.

"Allan Martin" now used the following websites for his online scams:

6th Scam (End July - August 2017)

The 6th Scam can be known as the “Mark Newman’s Scam”

By the end of July 2017, Christian Gasper briefly tried to re setup his website and opened a few social media accounts on facebook, youtube and Instagram. He gave up after ex-victims of his exposed his scams on the FB comments section. Thereafter, he deleted most of the content on

Go here for more details -

At the beginning of August 2017, Christian started a new email marketing scam using the alias “Mark Newman”. Once again, the scam model is similar to his Allen Martin Scam, This time round, he sold his Mark Newman Email Marketing Business and Coaching in his emails.

The salespage and purchase links:

Mark Newman promised to make one $1000/day within 1 month of setting up the Email marketing business but charged only $997 for the business setup and $397 for coaching. This is clearly an outright scam! No businessman in the right frame of mind would sell a $30k per month business for only $997+$397!

By the end of August, Mark Newman came up with another scam - the 12 Minute Commission Scam. Mark announced in his emails that he is launching the product 12 Minute Commission at

He claimed you could make $200 per day easily 24 hours after learning his ingenious money making method. Again, fake promises to get you ready to put money into his wallet as fast as possible! The product sells at only $7 but there is a funnel later to get you to buy more of his other scam products.

Within the funnel, there is again the Done For You Campaign and 1-1 coaching which we all knows that Christian Gasper is infamous for. One could get scam over $2000 if one purchase all his products!

Before long, Mark Newman’s real identity was exposed and his planned 12 minute commissions scam was ruined. Facebook banned his and warriorplus stopped his 12 minute commission scam.

Go here for more details -

In a nutshell, Christian Gasper used the following names or aliases for his different online scams:
1st scam – Allen Martin
2nd scam – Allan Martin
3rd scam – John Malcolm, Johnny West
4th scam – Christian Gasper
5th scam – Allan Martin again
6th scam- Mark Newman

I have compiled Christian Gasper's Warrior Forum profiles below. He like to hook up victims for his scams at the Warrior Forum: (John Malcolm)

Beware of the Serial Internet Scammer!

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    This feature works for me. Thank you very much for the useful things.

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    ‘Mark Newman’ or rather Christian Gasper (UK scam alias Allen Martin) planned to launch 12 Minute Commission, his make money online product via platform on 29th August 2017. The website is

    As we already know from the previous post, ‘Mark Newman’ is really serial email scammer Christian Gasper (UK scam alias Allen Martin) in disguise. 12 Minute Commission is just another of his make money online scams.

    On the website, ‘Mark’ says that he would teach you how to make $200+ per day easily. Again, fake income claims to scam people into a rush of blood to click the buy now button.

    On the surface, it appears ‘Mark’ is only selling 12 minute commission for $7. However, after you purchased it, ‘Mark’ will try to sell you more expensive things one by one, found at

    The other things ‘Mark’ will sell you are:
    OTO1 ($27) contains 10 completely Done-for-you campaigns for instant results.
    OTO2 ($97) contains the License rights to 12 Minute Commission.
    OTO3 ($1997) is my personal 1-on-1 Coaching with them. Actually I've stopped offering personal coaching for quite a while.

    The Done-for-you campaigns and personal 1-on-1 Coaching are Christian Gasper’s favourite way of scamming people. He would neither do any campaign for you nor coach you. Christian would ruthlessly take your hard-earned money, leaving you shellshock when you realised you’ve been scammed.

    More information about Mark Newman’s 12 minute commission scams can be found at:

    12 minute commission scam and Mark Newman’s fake Facebook profile (page gone) were exposed on facebook before long at:

    Facebook banned his fake account and Warriorplus stopped the launch of 12 minute commission by disabling the buy button at

    German Serial Scammer Christian Gasper (UK scam alias Allen Martin) has once again been found out and exposed!

    Full report of ‘Mark Newman’ Scam with evidence -

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    Deutschland email scammer Christian Gasper (UK alias Allen Martin) from Wiesbaden pretended to be ‘Mark Newman’ from USA to start a new round of email scams. He used the email address [...] .Previous victims of his Allen Martin email scams and his subscribers have started getting emails from someone under the name of ‘Mark Newman’ on 31st July 2017.

    Dave from disclosed the full email at
    5 . Thereafter, others commented they received the same mail, confirming ‘Mark Newman’ is Christian Gasper (UK alias Allen Martin) in disguise.

    Mark Newman’s fake photo used -

    Mark Newman’s email scams -

    ‘Mark Newman’ started sending almost daily emails to his subscribers. By the middle of August, he started showing his true intentions by aggressively marketing his Done For You Email Business + Coaching Offer in his mails:

    The offers are similar to his previous Allen Martin’s Done For You Business + Coaching Scams where he offers to setup an online business that is super profitable for his customers first and later coach them on how to setup the business with a No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee. Once the money is transferred to Christian’s account, he would ignore you and eventually deletes all his websites once his scam is exposed!

    George disclosed the emails at

    The Scumbag is at it again! Beware of the new “Mark Newman Done For You DFY Email Business Scam!” Scammer used the same Email – [...]

    I received this email offer from Christian Gasper claiming to make you $21 000 per month easily. Price? Only $997 for Done For You Email and $397 for coaching. It’s the same BS as his Allen Martin Done For You Scams:

    Just in case Scammer deletes the links, I have saved it:

    The Full Email:
    [Closing Soon] There are only 2 spots left + see what Mary did
    Mark Newman [...] via
    16 Aug
    to me

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to close this offer in just a few hours.
    Below you can see the results Mary was able to generate, all within 4 weeks.
    These are the results Mary was able to achieve.

    What do you think makes she different to you?

    The answer is simple:
    She made a decision to enroll into this program below.
    I know it’s a bit expensive but I promise you, it’s worth every penny you invest today.
    Ohhh… I forgot to mention that I do only have 2 spots left.

    If you are sitting on the fence and you don’t know exactly if you should enroll or not, there are only 2 decisions you have to make:
    a) Either you enroll and you’ll turn your life around within 4 weeks OR
    b) Do nothing and let this offer expire and keep living the life you are living right now.
    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
    Click this link to secure your spot =>

    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.

    Here’s an overview what this service will do for you within 4 weeks:
    – I will build you a buyers list of 3,000 email subscribers within 4 weeks.
    – I will design an entire high converting sales funnel (with all up and downsells included) for you that will collect these subscribers, and put them into your autoresponder, whilst making you passive money 24/7 too. I will create, and design all pages for those lucky 5 people too.
    – Then I will also preload your autoresponder with 60 days of high converting written emails to a) build a strong relationship with your customers, b) to gain their trust, and c) to make you money through them, completely on autopilot.
    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
    Click this link to secure your spot =>

    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.
    Let’s recap of what this concept/service will do for you:
    – I will build you a buyers email list of 3,000 email subscribers within 4 weeks (Special Bonus: If you join today, I will add another 1,000 buyer leads to this core offer for you).
    – I will create, and design an entire sales funnel for you, incl. all pages and copy.
    – I will create all funnel offers for you.
    – I will write a 60 days high converting, persuasive email follow up series to build a strong relationship with your customers, to gain their trust, maintain it, and to sell the right offers to them, whilst being cool to them.
    – I will preload your autoresponder with this 60 days follow up series.
    – The sales funnel, and the emails are designed and written in a way that every email will bring you back on average guaranteed $7-$8 per month in profits. In other words, by just sending these emails over the course of 60 days, you will be making a monthly passive income of at least $21,000, up to $24,000.
    – This service is backed by my 200% money back guarantee, so completely risk free for you.
    – You will also get 1 Year of 24/7 Support.

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
    Click this link to secure your spot =>
    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.
    Below you’ll find a frequently asked questions to answer your questions:

    Question: “When can I expect to make the first profit?”
    Answer: “You will make your first profits within the first 4 weeks lately.”

    Question:”How to do you generate these buyer leads? Are these solos?”
    Answer:”First of all, these are no solos or anything like that. The way I am able to offer something like that to you is only because I’ve teamed up with some of the biggest people in the product launch industry quite a while ago. Some of these people generate 10,000’s of customers per launch. There are new big product launches coming up every single month as you know. So what we do here is, we’ve added a ton of awesome bonuses to these people’s launches. In other words, every customer who buys their product during the launch will get free access to our bonuses we’ve placed in their members area. These are customers who’ve bought before they joined your list. That’s why it’s so much easier to sell something to them, rather than having a list of freebie seekers.”

    Question:”How long does it take until this list is built?”
    Answer:”You will have that list of buyers built within 30 days. Period! You can expect to receive a bit more than 3,000 buyers. It’s not that easy to stop the traffic all at once ;-). If you join today, I will build you a total of 4,000 buyer leads within 4 weeks.”

    Question:”Can I make $21,000-$24,000 per month every single month?”
    Answer:”Yes absolutely! Since all leads are pure customers, you will make an average of $7-$8 per email address in return every single month. The passive money will be generated through the email follow up series I will upload to your autoresponder. If you act today, I will not only preload your autoresponder with 60 high converting emails that will pull in big profits in a passive way into your account, I will also add another 30 emails every single month into your autoresponder, for 1 year in total. In other words, you’ll be making passive money for 1 year in total.”

    Question:”Did I get you right that I don’t have to do anything at all?”
    Answer:”Yes, you are 100% right! All I need from you is access to your autoresponder to preload it with the follow up series, that’s it. You will also need to send me your warriorplus and jvzoo account log in details. If you only have a warriorplus/jvzoo account, no problem, that’s fine too.”

    Question:”What about the offers? Are they affiliate offers or what? And what niche are they in?”
    Answer:”Yes, that’s right. The list I’m going to build for you is based in the “Make Money Online” niche, it’s the best niche and one of the most profitable ones to make a fortune with. I am only going to pick and choose offers from and for you. I will also provide you with a short text you have to send the seller when requesting your affiliate link. If you have problems to getting approved, shoot me a private message on Skype and I’ll handle that for you too, no problem.”

    Question:”How can I get help when I have questions?”
    Answer:”You will have private access to me 24/7 for 1 year in total. In other words, if you have any question, or you need help with anything you struggle with, just send me an email or reach out to me on Facebook. I will help you out asap.”

    Question:”Do you reopen this service maybe in a few weeks or months again?”
    Answer:”No I won’t. The reason is because I am fully booked the next months with the 5 people who join tomorrow.”

    Question:”How does your refund guarantee work?”
    Answer:”It’s simple. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results within 4 weeks, send me a private email to [...], or reply to this or any of my emails, or reach out to me on Facebook and ask for your refund. I am happy to send every penny back to you.”

    Question:”Are there any other costs I have to pay beside the initial investment of $997?”
    Answer:”No, that’s all!”

    Question:”Do you offer 1-on-1 Coaching as part of this service too?”
    Answer:”What I offer as part of this service is 24/7 support for 1 year in total. If you want me to teach you in private 1-on-1 sessions on Skype to scale your business to 7 figures and beyond, there’s an additional fee for that – it’s $397. It’s limited to these 5 people only too.
    Learn how to make 5-figures per day with this Secret Sauce “Private 1-on-1 coaching” =>

    Question:”Can I really expect to make $-7-$8 in ROI within 4 weeks? The average value per email address is $1-$2… why is yours so high? How you do that?”
    Answer:”That’s a very good question. The reason is very simple. If you build a list of email subscribers by giving away free stuff, the average email address value per month is $1-$2. BUT, if you build a list of pure customers who can only join your list by actually buying something from you, then the average email address value is between $7-$8 per month. It’s because these people have already bought something from you. This is what Dan Kennedy said in regards of buyers:”A buyer is a buyer is a buyer.” Someone who bought once from you, will go on and buy further stuff from you, except the fact you sell good stuff to them.”

    Question:”How does the process itself work? I still didn’t get it. Can you please clarify again?”
    Step 1: I will pick and choose 8 affiliate offers for you (W+ and JVZoo);
    Step 2: I will write a 60 days email series for you to promote these 8 products, one every week;
    Step 3: I will upload these 60 emails into your autoresponder;
    Step 4: Then I will create the entire Sales funnel incl. a low ticket offer (Priced @ $4.95), an OTO 1 (Priced @ $17), and an OTO 2 (Priced @ $97) for you;
    Step 5: I will upload this funnel into your W+ / Jvzoo account and connect the dots so you will attract affiliates and make passive sales from your autoresponder series.
    Step 6: I will build you a list of 3,000 + 1,000 (Bonus if act today) Subscribers within 4 weeks
    Step 7: All subscribers go through your sales funnel + they all receive the 60 days email series too.
    Step 8: You make PASSIVE MONEY 24/7 completely on Autopilot.
    That’s all the steps I will take for you, you don’t have to do anything at all.”

    Question:”Don’t I need a domain or hosting for the sales funnel?”
    Answer:”No. I will host all sales pages and products of the funnel for you. BUT, if you already have a domain and hosting you want to use for the sake of this sales funnel, I can upload everything to your existing hosting account – that’s no problem for me.”

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
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    Question:”When will I make the first money if I choose to enroll today?”
    Answer:”The first 1000-2000 email subscribers will be built within 10-14 days, before they join your list, they will walk through your entire sales funnel first. To answer your question, you will be making your first 1000’s of dollars within 10-14 days. Then they will also receive the emails from your email series too. So that’s an extra cash that’s rolling into your account. 10-14 days is the number you will need to wait, max. before you’ll be making your investment back and you’ll be making some really big profits too.”

    Question:”I don’t have the money at the time to join, but I would love to be part of this offer too. Do you offer any split payment plans?”
    Answer:”Sorry, I do not. This is an offer which needs me to put in a lot of work for every new student that enrolls. If I would offer split payments, I would definitely disvalue my own time and work energy. Hopefully you understand that.”

    That’s it for this mail – again, I will only have 5 spots available for this very offer.
    Don’t wait too long because once the timer is over, this special offer will be down and you’ve missed out.

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
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    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.

    Talk later,
    – Mark –

    If you do no longer want to receive these emails click here to UNSUBSCRIBE. If you would like to report spam click here to report abuse
    4823 Pretty View Lane, San Francisco, 94103, CA.

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    Christian Gasper, Deutscher Internet-Scammer from West Hessen, Wiesbaden is back online. He is also known as Allen Martin for his Internet Scams. Christian was found to be active on facebook, instagram and linkedin and he has a few new websites. Beware of this scammer!

    Go to google, type ‘christian gasper scam’ or 'allen martin scam' to see all his online scams.

    Christian Gasper’s accounts and websites that were discovered on 30th July 2017 at are: (comments disabled)

    At, ‘Allen Martin’ said this about himself “He grew of 4,110 subscribers and generated $732,042 in the last 12 months”. This may give an indication of the amount of money he scammed.

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    Allan Martin's salesfunnelanatomy is the latest internet scam conducted by serial German scammer Christian Gasper. Those of us who has been scammed by Christian earlier on received exactly the same emails by a person called "Allan Martin" from the email address allan at salesfunnelanatomy. It cannot be a coincidence so we know that Christian is the real person behind the emails again. He just won't stopped!

    The first email:

    Hey, it’s Allan and it’s been quite the busy couple of days, I’ve been busy fixing up my daughter’s room.
    Anyway, today I want to pass along a cool traffic resource I found…
    Once your funnel is in place, traffic is the lifeblood of your business.
    It’s essential.
    But I get emails all the time asking me:
    “How do I get more traffic to my site?”
    Today I wanted to pass along this blog post I found with 65 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website.
    The post is a few years old, but most of the traffic methods still work today:
    More traffic means more subscribers, more sales and Mo’ Money!
    Just one word of warning…
    Don’t try to go out there and master ALL of the sources of traffic. Instead just focus on a few methods that jump out at you and became a master of those.
    Take Care,
    Allan Martin

    PO Box 2253
    New Port Richey 34656
    United States

    Allan is "warming up" in the first email, trying to build trust and relationship with the subscriber. We expect him to eventually offer his Done For You (DFY) Business scam again or push is to buy his outdated salesfunnelanatomy products. He used this same old strategy again and again to scam his email subscribers and still continue to send us junk mails.

    Christian is actually reverting back to "Allan W. Martin", a faked identity he had used earlier on.

    "Allan W. Martin" accounts and websites:

    The domain and Warrior Forum account allanwm are both registered in 2009.

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    On 14th April 2017, Christian Gasper sent an email to all his subscribers admitting that he is Allen Martin! He did not mention anything about his scams but vows to give his all to help subscribers achieve huge online success. His April 2017 website information:

    Website - (deleted)
    Email - support at christian
    Facebook: (deleted) (deleted) (deleted)

    All the above FB profiles and website were deleted by 25th April 2017 due to huge complaints of his past make money online scams.

    And as reported by a few people, Christian Gasper is still lying with a faked US address (1011 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101, United States) in his emails to the subscribers and a faked "as seen on CBS News, FOX, NBC, abc logo" on his website.

    He is just like the boy who cried wolf. Nobody will believe him now.

    Read Comments at from 14th April 2017 to 29th April 2017 to know more.

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    posted by  in Germany forum 

    Christian Gasper is using a new Warrior Forum id (joined on 4th March 2017) for his latest round of Done For You Business Scams

    “Johnny West” important posts and products:

    Reported at on 11th April 2017 by Smith.

    He is offering the following coaching (in USD):
    1. $997 – Intensive 1 month coaching to make $20k monthly
    2. $5k and $8k – Done For You (DFY) Business, guaranteed $20k after 1 month. $5k offers 6 months support, $8k offers 12 months support.

    Payment by Payoneer only. It’s the same old DFY scam except he is scamming big time.

    You pay him $5k and after 1 month, you get back $20k. Profit = $15k??? Doesn’t make sense!
    Why don’t he setup the business on his own instead?

    If something is too good to be true, IT IS!

    Reported at on 17th April 2017 by Mike.

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    Bitte beachten Sie Christian Gasper (Deutschland) E-Mail Internet Marketing Scam. Bis heute hatte Christian ein paar hundert Menschen mehr als USD 200 000 (geschätzt) betrogen und führt immer noch seine Online-Betrugsprojekte ohne Reue.

    Deutsche Scammer Christian Gasper's Fotos:



    (Übersetzt von Google von Englisch nach Deutsch)

    Scammer Chrisitian Gasper hatte als "Allen Martin", "Allan Martin" und "John Malcolm" in seinen E-Mails vertreten, um sein Geld zu verdienen online Geschäft und Produkte an seine Abonnenten zu verkaufen. Er würde ihnen Einkommen von $ 100 / Tag bis zu $ ​​1000 / Tag versprechen, wenn er sein Geschäft für sie bauen. Er gab ein gefälschtes "3 X Geld zurück Garantiert", wenn seine Methode nicht funktioniert, um Menschen aufzuhängen.

    Sobald seine Abonnenten den Köder genommen und bezahlt haben, würde Scammer Christian Gasper nach 1 - 2 Monaten verschwinden und alle Webseiten und Facebook-Profile löschen, die mit den Betrug verbunden sind.

    Er sendet dann gefälschte Beweise für das Senden einer physischen Waren an Ihre Heimatadresse, so dass Sie mit Ihrer Kreditkarten-Rückbuchung oder Paypal-Streit versagen werden.

    Nach einer Weile wäre Christian wieder mit einer neuen Website, Namen und Facebook-Profilen, um eine Runde von Online-Betrug zu starten.

    Sein letzter April 2017 Internet-Betrug ist

    Nachweis von Christian Gasper's Online Scam:

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    Hi All,

    Please be aware that The Funnel Apprentice ( is German Christian Gasper's latest Email Marketing Scam projects (April 2017).

    Many of us who had been scammed a few thousand dollars each by him last year started to receive make money online emails from a person called "John Malcom" from "" at the end of March 2017.

    (If you have been receiving emails from such a person and website, please do not buy anything from him!)

    Using Google search, we found out that Hesse Internet Scammer Christian Gasper had setup facebook pages with his real photos and real name "Christian Gasper" at and He left is a link back to his website on both pages. Thus we can confirm Christian Gasper as the real owner of the funnel apprentice ( and not the faked name and faked photo "John Malcom".

    We reported it at the comments section of and ripoffreport -

    After being exposed, Christian quickly deleted his page and deleted his personal photo and posts at (page still available).

    His First Email:

    "My apologize! Here are 2x methods to make 50+/Day – Link inside!

    “We haven’t spoken since a very long time, and I apologize but I had
    some really serious health issues from which I had to recover first.

    But since you’re on my list for a long time, you know that I deliver only
    value stuff to my list, whether if it’s the WSO’s you’ve bought/downloaded
    from the forum or from warriorplus or through methods I shared with you.

    However, I believe you understand.

    Today I wanna provide you with 2 methods I’ve developed, tested over and over
    again that will work for you too.

    These methods will teach you how to use Clickbank in combination with free
    traffic to make real commissions online & the other bonus is all about how to
    build a solid recurring income stream… even if you’re a newbie.

    You can download both methods below:

    Talk tomorrow

    P.S.: In a few days, I’m gonna send you another really cool method that you can apply this week, and finally make your first money online….

    Keep an eye open for my next mail… there are only 10 copies available.”

    On 8th April 2017, Christian Gasper tried to push for his $100 a day Done For You (DFY) CPA (Cost Per Action) course. which was exactly the same internet scam that we got scammed in 2016!!!

    Be Aware!

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