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    Allan Martin's salesfunnelanatomy is the latest internet scam conducted by serial German scammer Christian Gasper. Those of us who has been scammed by Christian earlier on received exactly the same emails by a person called "Allan Martin" from the email address allan at salesfunnelanatomy. It cannot be a coincidence so we know that Christian is the real person behind the emails again. He just won't stopped!

    The first email:

    Hey, it’s Allan and it’s been quite the busy couple of days, I’ve been busy fixing up my daughter’s room.
    Anyway, today I want to pass along a cool traffic resource I found…
    Once your funnel is in place, traffic is the lifeblood of your business.
    It’s essential.
    But I get emails all the time asking me:
    “How do I get more traffic to my site?”
    Today I wanted to pass along this blog post I found with 65 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website.
    The post is a few years old, but most of the traffic methods still work today:
    More traffic means more subscribers, more sales and Mo’ Money!
    Just one word of warning…
    Don’t try to go out there and master ALL of the sources of traffic. Instead just focus on a few methods that jump out at you and became a master of those.
    Take Care,
    Allan Martin

    PO Box 2253
    New Port Richey 34656
    United States

    Allan is "warming up" in the first email, trying to build trust and relationship with the subscriber. We expect him to eventually offer his Done For You (DFY) Business scam again or push is to buy his outdated salesfunnelanatomy products. He used this same old strategy again and again to scam his email subscribers and still continue to send us junk mails.

    Christian is actually reverting back to "Allan W. Martin", a faked identity he had used earlier on.

    "Allan W. Martin" accounts and websites:

    The domain allanmartin.com and Warrior Forum account allanwm are both registered in 2009.

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