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English TV in Germany

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Any idea how I can receive English TV in Germany? Thanks for your help

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    Best pictures quality and best TV channels, Redefine your TV experience!

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    Satellite TV Installation in Beijing,, 133 716 00100

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    if you signed up on netflix in Canada or US, can you still watch shows through netflix in Germany?

  • George English

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    Darling, try its free and big selection

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    Hi! I have a family member visiting there interested in watching TV on the web. What site are you using? All the typical American sites like HULU, etc do not having streaming agreements there to my knowledge

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    Hi, Gabriela!
    Depending an where in Germany you live it should be possible with more or less effort. In most places a dish of 80 cm size should work. You will receive the BBC channels as well as the ITVs. Some movies too, but rarely sports.
    If you live in the Düsseldorf region theses guys might help you:
    They installed my dish for all the free channels and I am very happy. The link goes to the list of available channels (changes happen from time to time)

    reg, P

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    There are British / English speaking channels on Astra 19E digital. To get more just extend your equipment with a second LNB or additional dish to get Astra 28E. There is Sky News, BBC News24, France 24, EuroNews, BBC1..4, ITV 1..4, and a few more or less interesting things.

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    When I was living in Hamburg I was able to watch english television via satellite. The channels were from Sky television in England. I used a company in Germany called Astrosat who took care of the subscription and helped my local TV shop install the dish. Their website is

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    Now I heard that in order to get Sky, one must have a local adress in the U.K. I also heard that there's a local company that will give you an adress therefore qualifying you to receive an account with SKY. Where is this local company and how do I get in contact with them?

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