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  • Nadine Santos

    German citizenship - how long does it take?

    posted by  Nadine Santos in Germany forum 

    I'm married to a German and heard that the laws on German citizenship have changed. How long do I have to live in Germany to become German citizen? Thanks for your help!

  • Catalina Marquez

    German citizenship and marriage

    posted by  Catalina Marquez in Germany forum 

    According to the Auswärtiges Amt the rule is this:

    "German citizenship is not automatically received through marriage. However provided certain other conditions are met you have the right to naturalization after at least two years of marriage if you have already been legally resident in the Federal Republic of Germany for three years."

  • Gabriela Zafira

    German citizenship after marriage

    posted by  Gabriela Zafira in Germany forum 

    Hi Nadine, if you're married to a German German citizen ship is pretty easy to obtain.

    Normally, German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare.

    Applicants for naturalisation are normally expected to prove they have renounced their existing nationality, or will lose this automatically upon naturalisation. An exception applies to those unable to give up their nationality easily (such as refugees). A further exception applies to citizens of European Union member states that do not require Germans to renounce citizenship upon naturalisation in that country.

    Exceptions to the normal residence requirements include:

    * A spouse of a German citizen may be naturalised after 3 years residence in Germany. The marriage must have persisted for at least 2 years.
    * persons who have completed an integration course may have the residence requirement reduced to 7 years
    * refugees and stateless persons may be able to apply after 6 years residence
    * former German citizens

    What I'm not sure off is whether you have to give you your Colombian citizenship to get the German one.

  • Alexander Baron von Engelhardt

    waiting for Germany citizenship

    posted by  Alexander Baron von Engelhardt in Germany forum 


    Further details on > private legalities > citizenship.

    You will have to give up your momentary citizenship -- as a rule. The only exception will be if you can show that you will suffer an undue hardship typically shown with a five digit financial loss. Besides, you can get permanent residency after three years.

  • Go to shafay kamran's profile

    asking for ctizenship

    posted by  shafay kamran in Germany forum 

    im pakistani , i have been married to a german women how can i get german citizenship and how long will it take ,what is the procedure

  • Nadeem Khan


    posted by  Nadeem Khan in Germany forum 

    hi Dear.
    kia haal hai. allah se umeed hai k aap teek hongy. main german lady se shadi karna chahta hoon. aap koi help kar sakthy ho tu please.
    thanks aap ka bhai Nadeem

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