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    Hi all,

    I am russian married to German guy. We just married recently and after 2 months with him I realised he is mentally sick and strange...He suffers schizophrenia, which he was very well hiding from me..

    Now, I can not live in the same house with him. I would like to find work and go to another city.

    Is that somehow influence my permit if i will not live iwth my husband but will work in another city?

    I've heard of some couples who do that.

    Or do they check if we live together during 3 years? If so, how do they check that?

    Appreciate your help. I really can not stand this guy, but he does not want to divorce. And we just married, but i feel that if i stay with him for 3 years, that will make me sick in brain too.

    Looking forward to your help!

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