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I'm hearing lots of terrible stories about German men and their lack of romance. Is this true? Anybody got any "real-life experience"? :-)

  • Schmitz Vollmann

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    Am German come my Romance and Passion will blow you away. i dare you won't be able to stand my romantic Passion

  • Javed Khan

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    To Ulises Kahlo:

    You generalize that all latin american women are interested. I am from Chile, my country is a developed country now, we do not have the need of getting a german man. I know that there are some women who sell themselves for a VISA but Chilean women do not do that, interested women are in all the world. So stop saying "Latin American women" in general. Name or specify the nationalities in you want, but dont put us in the same sack.

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    Thank you so much for your advice. I am decided now to move and look after to what I need to prioritize. I am not yet ready for any relationship as of the moment. Just carryin on....not that sad..but not that so happy.

    Thanks for taking time to reply, Have a great day ahead..

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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm difficult question

  • Laurie Perkins

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    Please don't spend another minute worrying over your German guy friend. If he has made it clear to you and he has expressed his honest desires about what he wants to do with his future (which doesn't include marriage) then obviously your paths are going different directions. Sometimes we hit the target and sometimes we don't. That isn't anyone's fault, just the way it goes. There is plenty of fish in the sea and many guys who will share your same desire and you can fall in love once then you can fall in love again :-) Don't give up your search....but first get busy living your life and living your dreams. Hold your head high, dust off your pants and be happy for the memories and his kindness. Except his friendship with no strings attached or with any expectations that things will ever be different....You never know, perhaps through your friendship with him you will meet the right guy out there just looking for you (the right girl) Good luck!!!!!

  • abdel tawfik

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    i wish to marry from you

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    I met this German guy in the Philippines last 2009, we had some chemistry and got the chance to know eachother while he stays in our country, I even met the parents. I really loved him and I dont know why, maybe because of his honesty about that he likes me but doesnt loves me. From which I knew was true coz we just met. For two years we are chatting but not that regularly, and he is not into calling texting and sending emails. After 4 years, just last month, I decided to visit him in Germmay, coz he is not sending emails as I thought he was dead already or sick. But to my surprise, he was really very healthy and in good shape. His parents were shocked as well as I have to travel to germmany just to know how is he. He told me that he lost all his contacts in and not open his yahoo anymore.

    To cut the short stroy, he asked me to stay for another 2 days to show me around Germany. He was so very caring and I feel very important with the way the parents showed me and him as well. He told me that he will never get married and will stay single until gets old because of his fiancnial status. It hurts because after all of the wonderful memories we had for a short time was then just about to be friends. I am starting to move forward with my life. Do I need to keep the friendship or wait for that day until he is ready with his life and fianancial standing. Guys, please advise. I dont want to let him go. I plan to carry on whith all the importan things that matters,

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    Of course there are differences between men and women in general and there are differences between cultures, but I guess here in this thread it also would be important to note who is writing.

    The internet is full of latinamerican women looking for men in other countries. In my opinion women from Latinamerica, who got to live in the "first world", young, beautiful and with a job, don't look in the internet for men. And I don't believe in miracles.

    Here there was a woman from Peru once, she had polycystic ovary syndrome and hoped to find an older man/husband in Germany because she hoped, to German men it wouldn't be important to have children (in contrast to Peru). And being 30 she would end up being an old maid.

    You see, some thoughts sometimes need getting used to.

    Or the Mexcian woman, who thought if she got pregnant her German boyfriend would propose to her.

  • Andreea Maria

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    I don't know how other women are, that's not me. I didn't plan to get pregnant, actually uk doctors said it's a miracle, since I was on contraceptive pill and I have polycystic ovary sindrome. And to keep this baby was my decision after all, I don't want anything from him, he is free from any kind of responsability.
    I live in England, I am not gonna go to Germany to claim benefits. I work here, so I have rights here.
    But in the end that was not the point.

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