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I'm hearing lots of terrible stories about German men and their lack of romance. Is this true? Anybody got any "real-life experience"? :-)

  • Blizzy Everhard

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    Just found this article on the Telegraph, pretty funny :)

    A poll of 15,000 women found that Germans are considered "too smelly".

    English lovers came second because they are so lazy, while men from Sweden were branded "too quick to finish" and came third.

    Spanish men topped the table as the best lovers, followed by Brazilians and Italians.

    The poll, carried out by global research site, asked women from 20 countries to rate nations on their ability in bed and give reasons for their answers.

    Germans were deemed to have bad body odour, Englishmen were accused of letting women do all the work, whilst Swedes were a bit too quick to finish.

    Men from Holland were "too rough" between the bed covers and Americans were accused of being "too dominating" in the bedroom.

    Greek men were said to be a bit too soppy.

    Other countries who didn't fare well in the poll were Scotland (too loud), Turkey (too sweaty) and Wales (too selfish).

    Russian men crept in at tenth place amid accusations they are too hairy for the average woman.

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    As a German man I can agree to the article absolutely. I am cold, unemotional and I never flirt...and I mean this seriously.
    What is this actually - "Romantic"?

  • Harvie Girl

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    I met an otherwise nice German guy in Alberta who did something similar. He'd rave about wanting to see me but when I'd suggest a plan to meet, he'd come up with a reason why we can't meet. I say 'come up' with a reason because he'd have said nothing about it while previously asking to meet.

    In fairness, I should add that once he agreed to a plan, he'd always show up. However, the mixed signals were so maddening that I finally gave up on being confused and disappeared myself...

    Good luck with your guy!

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    really interesting to hear all these information about german guy but to be honest i like people who are interested in practical action in respect cause respect can last fo ever but love i don't think so!!!!!not just saying a romantic words which never mean it.besides romance can be born from a noble respect and loyalty ,by the way tunisian guys are the same nothing different u will wait a month to hear just a word and jump from happiness but that don't reject that boys are boys over the worlddd

  • Margareta K

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    I do agree absolutely with the true in that article.
    I had one relationship with the German. Since I am single and I have been dating...germans..I have to say ..there are really boring!Iwent through the history already at school, who wants to talk on the date about ancient Egypt?
    Dutch are better with splitting the bill.
    To all german man:Please act like a man.

  • visiting a there's an international question..

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    So, if you are in the position to visit a German friend you met on neutral territory and ask him to make plans with you regarding this trip: is it considered a faux pas? Where I come from, if I had a friend visit from overseas I would send my information to them or reassure them I can put them up- at least tell them I cannot accomodate them and suggest best plan of action so they look at finances accordingly...I wouldn't disappear behind a curtain of silence after raving about how fabulous it would be to see one another again! German/ man/ thing or just shady man thing? Your take! So much for friendship, international relations or manners and etiquette....

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    Ha ha, Blizzy you smart cookie! One of these alround-questions that you only know from hearsay? ;-)

    Looks like Blizzy from Madrid is member of the just-landed staff. She doesn`t really want to know something about German men, but inititate a smalltalk-diskussion in order to put into operation the new forum.

  • From my point of view

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    There are for sure some of those "typical german stereotypes" around but hey, its not only germans that are like that.
    Most german guys are really open minded people that wont make up false things from the very beginning. They are honest and loyal, atleast most of them. ;)
    But hey, you can just find things out if you talk with german guys, so you can make up your own opinion.

  • Seppi M.

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    I don't really think German guys are all unromantic. Yes, there are some men who are exactly how the stereotype of the "boring, organized, cold and unromantic German boy on his way to the bank, doing his boring, organized work".

    But there other men in Germany, too! Cool guys having fun, dancing through the life und calling a girl or woman beautiful and awesome without knowing her - just because they think in that second: "wow, what a girl!". Yes, in Germany you can find crazy, honest and romantic men. Not the type of latin-lover-style - we are no mexican, italian or greek people. But I think we can be proud of what we are. You will find in every country men, who are unromantic and that lie to you just to have a good night and perhaps a better breakfast at the next morning. I think, that the "typical german stereotype" ist worse than we really are.

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    Are you sure, Sofia? Ever dated a Mexican guy? We really have the fire burning in our veins! ;)

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