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    Geman men as lovers

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    Just found this article on the Telegraph, pretty funny :)

    A poll of 15,000 women found that Germans are considered "too smelly".

    English lovers came second because they are so lazy, while men from Sweden were branded "too quick to finish" and came third.

    Spanish men topped the table as the best lovers, followed by Brazilians and Italians.

    The poll, carried out by global research site www.OnePoll.com, asked women from 20 countries to rate nations on their ability in bed and give reasons for their answers.

    Germans were deemed to have bad body odour, Englishmen were accused of letting women do all the work, whilst Swedes were a bit too quick to finish.

    Men from Holland were "too rough" between the bed covers and Americans were accused of being "too dominating" in the bedroom.

    Greek men were said to be a bit too soppy.

    Other countries who didn't fare well in the poll were Scotland (too loud), Turkey (too sweaty) and Wales (too selfish).

    Russian men crept in at tenth place amid accusations they are too hairy for the average woman.

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