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    German Men

    posted by  A. Barber in Germany forum 

    I glanced at a few of the posts and wanted to add my opinion as I am in a relationship with a German man.
    I am an African-American woman and I have been dating a German man now for 7 months and although we are total opposites, it's been a total blast! Much to the contrary of previous posts, he is a hopless romantic. He believes that love is the ultimate expression of human existence and often speaks of marriage and children. He embraces my culture, friends, family and was eager to introduce me to his family and friends.
    He is a gentleman-100% and alway treats me with respect (taking me out, opening doors, reassuring me of his love). He takes very good care of me! So much so that I have decided to move to Germany to be with him.
    It's quite funny because I am pretty conservative and he gets annoyed with my regimented lifestyle and way of thinking. Upon meeting us, you would think I am German and he is American based on our way of thinking, it's so funny.
    He always smells very 'delish' and is very concerned about his personal hygiene.
    He is, thus far, the most amazing lover I've ever had. He is extremely concerned with my satifsaction and alway spices things up! He reads me very well. I think it has little to do with nationality and more to do with experience, interest, emotions, and selflessness. He is absolutely AMAZING!!!
    All cultures will be different and I woudln't say that any culture is better than another as each have so much to offer, but I will say that this man, suits me quite well!

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