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    Although indeed there are some cultural differences between Americans and Germans. I would pick a German man over an American man any day of the week. Although, also to win their true affections may take a while to do. I would much rather have a guy that says it like it is and means what he says, than a guy who says always all the pretty stuff and never means a word of it.

    I have noticed that German men are not big on compliments (for the most part) So after striving for hours to look sexy and cute you may just render a slight recognition like, "you look nice" :-) In the beginning my first reaction was to say something like, "are you kidding, nice????" But over time I see this is not exactly a bad comment, conservative for sure, but so is the German ( in general). I have met some German men that were great at conversation and actually have the art of flirting down very well...but beware, if you find one this way, there maybe a good reason why he is so good at it....and proceed with caution! But this can hold true for all men and not just Germans.

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