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    I am in a relationship with a german man since november, but is really hard to understand him.
    We met online, we are both living in England and met after 3 weeks of long chat via whatsapp or skype. I guess I was in love with him evan before we met, he was so funny and smart and considerate. He drove 120 miles just to meet me and on those 2 first days together he was the moat amazing man I have ever dated, took me out for dinner, we drove to the sea side just for cuple of hours, he was holding my hand while driving, kissed me all the time...
    I don't know if my mistake was that I let him know my feelings for him, but after we decided to get involved more seriously everything changed. We broke up after 1 month because he tought the things between us are not going in the direction that we wanted, and he did it by pushing me away, being cold.
    He went to Germany for Christmas and after 1 week of not talking he started chatting with me again, we agreed to be friends but when I told him I will try dating another man he just told me one night that he loved me and then decided to try things again.
    The first thing he did after landing back from Germany was driving again 120 miles to see me, and he started again to be caring and adorable.
    I moved with my job and life closer to him so we didn't had to face the long distance relationship but things changed again, he said he dosen't know what feelings he has for me, but he likes to be with me, I was expecting to see him more often but he only would come once a week around.
    We broke up again for few days because he said he thinks he is not the man I want...got back together and I decided to give him more space.
    It is hard for me, I am a latin, I really know what I want and I really love him. But it is hard to let go as well.
    He might be cold and insensitive, but he has that "I don't know what" that makes me crazy about him.
    He dosen't say I miss you, he dosen't say ' hey babe, come over, I want to be with you tonight' , I have to be the one makes those steps.
    So I don't know, they are not what a warm hearted woman wants, but they can really make you love them without knowing why.

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