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    How do you know if a German guy likes you ??? Confused

    posted by  sophia bell in Germany forum 

    I need some advice about a first date I had recently, it went really well, good chemistry, mutual attraction, lots of affection demonstrated, he kept smiling at me when I was'nt even looking at him
    But when I asked him if we would have a second date he said that was a blunt question (he is German so don't know if that is correct etiquette) next day he sent me text sending me big hugs and continued throughout the day to banter on text - I did not hear from him for about 3 days and that was at my initiating, I sent very light email saying I returned home, hoped all was well, he responded by email, left messages on both my home phone and mobile, phoned me the next morning, continued banter throughout the day again by text -but still no questions re when am I next in town!!!!!!!!!! When can I see you again!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really confused by his behaviour, I'm assuming he is seeing other people, we live quite a distance from each other however he has'nt commited to even suggesting we meet half way etc.,

    Can you help me to try to deal with this situation, as I really, really liked him, was attracted to him immediately and I felt he was experiencing the same feelings - is it because he is german or just not interested in me ??

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