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    Thanks for the article. I'm married to a German guy for almost 6 years and what is written in this article is very true. German men do not like superficial talks, no matter how good looking you are, or how big is your bank balance, they don't care if you are simply ignorant. If you both are students then don't expect him to pay your bill, Germans hardly ask their parents to finance their higher education so it is quite normal that he expects you to split the bill. On the other hand if you date working guy then its true he will pay the bill but if he does not then there is a chance that he does not like you (or he will make you his friend but not his girl friend...)

    German guys are shy but in parties they get some courage to talk with girls. I never met any German who was pushy, it was more than a small comment to let them know that I'm not interested and they respected that.

    I agree German man is not romantic, he will not sing any song or write a poem for you, even he will not cuddle you in nice evenings but he will be honest to you.

    Like in any culture there are also some jokers kind of German men, luckily they are rare and you will recognize them and I bet you wont go for a date with them ;-)

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