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    In Germany, "individuality" counts most: People do not want to be "liked", they want to be respected. Germans as a rule tend to be afraid entering one anothers personal sphere. But thats the prerequisite for going anywhere in romance.
    So many good intentions and feelings a held back, lovers cannot find themselves as they are afraid of getting brushed of. So unfriedliness is just self-protection.
    Especially for men this is very humiliating. So I myself would rather have a nice evening out w/o getting in the sticky area of dating. Its just to difficult to be fun. Dating is not fun here, its work. Thats why I prefer to be single, so life is much easier and relaxed. I am 28 and gave up dating long time ago and I do not miss it at all. I just dont care anymore. Also, I never got approached by a woman who said "I think you are interesting, etc." so I just eradicated me from the dating market.

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