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    truth is bitter,it is better be told that humanity can effect changes.Most people was growing up with different idealogical background of sterotyping, being too proud out of nothing,too much pretending to have all the right answers, mistake is not part of human being, what do you call that.I am a good listner and study people before I say anything.This world is free for open critic, this why have good democracy.I d´nt pretend because I am not perfect human.I am not stiff either, I rather engage people with opposite ideaology.I watch documantry but, I still Have some reservations in certain issues.I hate brain washing types, or" clihy denken".for me there are peverts.The need to visit outside their country ,atleast spend one year in another country just understand the basic things of life.By the time they are back to base the will start to diminish their nationalism philosophy.Take it or leave it.

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