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    Of course there are differences between men and women in general and there are differences between cultures, but I guess here in this thread it also would be important to note who is writing.

    The internet is full of latinamerican women looking for men in other countries. In my opinion women from Latinamerica, who got to live in the "first world", young, beautiful and with a job, don't look in the internet for men. And I don't believe in miracles.

    Here there was a woman from Peru once, she had polycystic ovary syndrome and hoped to find an older man/husband in Germany because she hoped, to German men it wouldn't be important to have children (in contrast to Peru). And being 30 she would end up being an old maid.

    You see, some thoughts sometimes need getting used to.

    Or the Mexcian woman, who thought if she got pregnant her German boyfriend would propose to her.

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