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    Hi Nita,

    I have found German men to be very accepting and warm as well. I'm glad that you've found someone that has sparked your interest.The German culture is quite a different culture all together, however, all cultures, languages, and pre-dispositions aside: You are a woman and he is a man-let nature take its course.
    I can agree regarding your comment about German men and their interest. I have found them to be a very 'no nonsense' culture in general. It can be a bit refreshing at times. At other times...not so much-but that's where the fun begins ;).

    I'm not exactly sure why some women have had such a difficult time with German men (in this forum), or men in general. I find most successful relationships are grounded from interest and respect. Although my guy and I are complete opposites, we have similar backgrounds. It seems that our differences drew us to one another and our commonalities solidified that attraction.
    I'm only 27 and it's hard to assess why some relationships make it and some don't. I've had a few successful (by my definition) relationships and some not so successful one's. By successful I mean, even though things didn't work out, I still left the relationship with more than I entered into it with. But, I see each realtionship as a new experience and a new path on the road to something different. Not to say that I haven't sufferedd a broken heart but a broken heart will eventually heal, if you allow it to heal. I refuse to be swallowed by regrets and try to move forward.

    I, much to the dismay of my bf, don't believe in the notion of soul-mates or an all emcompassing love that conquers all. I think it is easy for people to forget that a relationship is work and there is no way around that. Everyone must determine whether or not the plunge into a new relationship is worth it because they are the onle one's who will have to deal with that decision. Things will get rough at times but that must be expected. I have found that the things in my life that I have worked the hardest for (that have challenged me the most), are yet, the most rewarding endeavors I have accomplished.
    I think most people are searching for something; as if life is a puzzle and they are trying to find all the pieces to complete it. I'm sure it works for some. My view is a bit different. I take things as they come and deal with them at that time. I try to avoid planning more than 2-3 years ahead for myself but, I have that luxury at this time in my life and I aware that this way of life and this way of thinking cannot last forever.
    So, how did you meet your new interest?

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