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    Please don't spend another minute worrying over your German guy friend. If he has made it clear to you and he has expressed his honest desires about what he wants to do with his future (which doesn't include marriage) then obviously your paths are going different directions. Sometimes we hit the target and sometimes we don't. That isn't anyone's fault, just the way it goes. There is plenty of fish in the sea and many guys who will share your same desire and you can fall in love once then you can fall in love again :-) Don't give up your search....but first get busy living your life and living your dreams. Hold your head high, dust off your pants and be happy for the memories and his kindness. Except his friendship with no strings attached or with any expectations that things will ever be different....You never know, perhaps through your friendship with him you will meet the right guy out there just looking for you (the right girl) Good luck!!!!!

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