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    I come to read all the comments in this forum, and analyze common opinion that there is a German men are not romantic ie they are the worst.someone said the men are good lovers Latinos, brazilians, Italians, maybe yes.are such good lovers who do not conform to a woman if not two, three and more, because they are also champions of infidelity, and promiscuity. maybe that, for most women is romantic. German man is faithful to his wife. this is an important point that you must add attributes to the Germans. from my female perspective and rational. I say cold hostil men exist in all parts of planet earth and as there are also women like that. as the Mexican is a Mexican man, equally the German men are Germans men have their education and customs, and thought deeply rooted in his personality.
    and a woman can accept it, or not. but you do not try to change it. or criticize them just because they are not equal to their wonderful man. women we should be more intelligent and less heart (romantic) when choosing a man for life. the clash of culture leads to failure, if you do not know how to handle this situation... then girls are best left to the Germans for the German women. but in every rule there is an exception, I'm not German, I'm Colombian and I prefer my German man.

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