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    help!! german guy!

    posted by  becky becky in Germany forum 

    I enjoyed reading this post because it relates to my situation somehow.I am asian gal.I met this quite nice and sweet german guy while backpacking to one of the country in asia.We met at a bar and he came there for a vacation with his friend( gal), he said they are just good friends.I still think they are.The few days we spent together was awesome. He told me about himself, his family and all.He even asked me if I should consider marrying a german,I really felt we had some kinda deep connection.Now hes back to germany and me back to my country.We keep in touch by mails through skype and Fbk.Havent really had a converstion.I miss him a lot and feel like i hve fallen for him.But I am really confused about him.I dont thinnk he feels the same way as I do.Though in the vacation i felt he was more into me than me into him.Should i tell him about my feelings or just wait for him????


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