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    Because I am monolingual (temporarily, I swear :), I have been utlizing 'google translator' to understand many of the comments in spanish. So, forgive me if I have interpreted something incorrectly.
    I wanted to respond to a few of the notions regarding a foreigner moving to Europe. I have made the move to Europe specifically on behalf of my boyfriend. Although I am not destitute I am relying on him for some financial support. I am removed (physically) from family and friends and have decided to force myself to assimilate into a new culture to challenge myself both culturally and intellectually. In addition I need to determine how probable a future is with my new squeeze (blending two cultures is not an easy thing). With that I want to say that although moving to a new country,for whatever reason, may seem superficial to others, that we understand everyone (in some sense) does come from the same cloth (humanity) which unites us but the choices we make and paths we take are what creates the differences among us.
    In most instances, I believe that what you give, is what you get. Although I feel that money cannot buy me everything it may be all that someone else needs.
    Forgive me if I have misunderstood the argument.

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