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    Sebastian,I think you surely had a bad experience with some people in particular,hope u dont live in Germany if u think it "sucks" I wouldnt live in a country I dont like.and I dont think it sucks the help they give to many inmigrants,including myself.

    My fiance is German,and im very happy with him so far,he is sincere,passionate,honest,outgoing...nothing bad to say about German guys.and people is very nice,they might be not so friendly at first,but is a matter of time to get to know them well,and i love the fact no one talks on your back or cares about your personal life that much.don't forget there re stereotypes about ALL COUNTRIES! it doesnt mean all people fit on what others think...specially if they have never lived or visited the country.every person is a whole different world,no matter where they came from.



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