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    stand up german men!

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    I don't really think German guys are all unromantic. Yes, there are some men who are exactly how the stereotype of the "boring, organized, cold and unromantic German boy on his way to the bank, doing his boring, organized work".

    But there other men in Germany, too! Cool guys having fun, dancing through the life und calling a girl or woman beautiful and awesome without knowing her - just because they think in that second: "wow, what a girl!". Yes, in Germany you can find crazy, honest and romantic men. Not the type of latin-lover-style - we are no mexican, italian or greek people. But I think we can be proud of what we are. You will find in every country men, who are unromantic and that lie to you just to have a good night and perhaps a better breakfast at the next morning. I think, that the "typical german stereotype" ist worse than we really are.

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