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How to treat a German woman the right way...

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To me that's a really difficult question! It's always a bit harder to date somebody of another culture, but with German girls I just don't get along!
I know the 'traditional' dating rules, for example the guy has to pay everything - but in Germany I heard that some girls get offended by this because their independence is questioned.
Whatever you do, you do it wrong!

What did you experience? Girls are also welcome to join this discussion!

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  • Dora Böhm

    Dating a German woman

    posted by  Dora Böhm in Germany forum 

    Hi Fernando! Dating a German woman is just like dating any other woman, you either impress her or you don't ;o)

    Most women won't get offended if you pay the bill (though they don't expect you to do so). If they want to split bills, they'll just tell you. If you really meet a German woman that gets offended by your offer, you might want to ask yourself whether she isn't a little over-reactive in the first place ... ;o)

    Another tip: Most German women are not very used to compliments (for example on how they look) - as German men suck at this! If you compliment them, they will probably not believe you - but enjoy it anyways!

  • Dating a German woman

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    hey Dora, thanks for your nice reply.

    "Most German women are not very used to compliments"
    Now that's really funny! What are the German guys doing out there?! :D I think making compliments is part of dating - and I hope the girls I went out with believed me when making compliments!

  • Dora Böhm

    Dating German women

    posted by  Dora Böhm in Germany forum 

    Well Fernando, let's be honest: Do you really tell the truth in all compliments? ;o) But as I said, even if you exaggerate a bit most German women will like your compliments anyways (.. and who would believe a man in the first case?).

  • Dating a German woman

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Well Dora, this depends mostly on the girls ;)
    Of course sometimes you make a compliment and don't mean it a 100%...but it's kind of a way to get a girl to like you...should I feel bad about that? :D

  • Dating

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Fernando, if you ever come to Germany let me I can warn my friends about you ;)

  • Ahmed Mounir

    German Girls

    posted by  Ahmed Mounir in Germany forum 

    I really feel that they have great potential emotions....but mostly are just potential.
    and all I can say they need real and pure emotions to get them out of the tough daily life ,not just by sweet words but they are really practical...........even in love.
    and I like that in them

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